Go Green for Organic Soap...

I almost tried a lot of bath soap, from pimple remover to whitening soap.. Almost all of them promises a good result but such promises remains as plain promises... Then somebody introduced me to Plantex Green Soap, a quality product from Ecomovers, Inc. It does not promise an instant result, yet it has a slow but sure effect to your body. It eliminates bad body odor and contains a natural gluthathione. Being an organic soap, it is environmental friendly soap. I have proved its effectivity, not only with me, but with my friends and families who have tried it too... The soap comes in a 135g packaging at a very reasonable cost for as low as P55.00. Isn't it a wholesome way of saving Mother Earth?

Plantex products are widely used in Greater Manila Area. For more of their products try to visit http://www.ecomovers.multiply.com/. Check it out!

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