Barangay Election 2010

My Mom campaigned for Barangay Councilor for the second time and fortunately, she made it again yesterday. We (with my sisters) are all actually against for her running again on this election but she's too persistent.

Why we are against it? We are against it for several reasons:

  1. Her time is much consumed on the activities on the Barangay than spending it with my Tatay;
  2. Her supposedly once a week round of duty became a weeklong responsibility;
  3. She got trouble maintaining good relationship among her peers because of so many understanding for so confusing reasons whatsoever;
  4. Her relationship with some of our not-so-friendly neighbor get worst;
  5. Being in such responsibility makes one's life complicated, i should say...
However, what I prayed to God before the election day was that His will be done... and the fact that she won- well, I supposed it was God's will after all. Should I detest that?

And so to my Mom, congratulations anyway!