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I was so delighted and very much grateful for the promotion that God has blessed upon me lately. My new task as an Executive Assistant to the Vice-President in our University would mean great responsibility especially in filing and organizing documents. I will take the challenge starting this 1st of June. I know how challenging my job would be. There are confidential matters that I should look into and that would be a part of my job descriptions then. Being a file custodian needs utmost care. Good thing I have known a very reliable site where I can keep my files safely via online. iSigned - secure online storage for legal and other important documents.With iSigned, we can store files like contracts, memorandum of agreement and the like. In storing these kinds of documents, we just cannot simply rely on mobile flash disk as this will wear out over a longer period of time. Not even with your Personal Computer because this too can bug down anytime. If there's any other means where our files can be secured we must make use of it. iSigned can do it for us. With iSigned we can share those vital documents with other parties whom we have specifically shared it with. For public documents we can also share it via social networks like facebook, twitter and linkedin. It is especially suitable for individual users and businesses. 
iSigned offers free unlimited-period 5 document free trial upon signing up. In order to get an unlimited storage, you only have to pay for $0.26 per day or $7.95 per month. for Individual users. Business users cost $14.95 per month (minimum 2 users) plus they will get extra features like fine-grained user permission controls and detailed reporting. 
I have already tried signing up and I am very much satisfied with its performance. Uploading files is so easy and organized folders were already provided for easier filing. 
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