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I was amazed with my classmates’ way back in college who are now a full-time mother. They used to share to me how incredible their day was with their kids! Their children (some of them were my Godchildren) have tantrums and when I asked them how they were able to cope it up, their unanimous answer were pretty amazing, TV. Yes, its letting their children to watch TV as long as they want was their common answer. Well, I can attest to that through my nephew and nieces. My sister-in-law can only concentrate on her house chores without disturbances from her children with tantrums by letting them watch their favorite TV shows! The problem was, if the children get bored with repetitive shows, they’ll be asking for movie and that’s exactly what my sister-in-law couldn’t really help to solve alone. My brother then came to the rescue with his newly bought DVD with assorted movie titles. My nephew and nieces love to watch Nick Movies. But that was during weekends only because they are obliged to study their lessons during school days. I can still imagine how frustrated my nephew was missing his favorite Diego Adventure. There were weekends also that the children will be missing their favorite TV shows because my brother need to watch the NBA games first until the last quarter before switching to Nick Channels which make the children even more frustrated because the show has just ended! Then I introduced to them what I discovered, the Charter Digital’s On Demand. It offers more than 6,000 movies and shows that they can watch anytime they want! They can access it for FREE! My brother truly appreciated it because it is ideal for the whole family! My nephew don’t have to wait for long for his father to finish the NBA games because they can now watch their favorite Diego Adventure as well as Spongebob anytime they want AND my sister in law don’t have to deal with tantrums anymore.
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