WFW: Romans 12:9

We have heard it right and we have heard it so many times. Such reminders resonates well not only within our heart but to our mind as well.

"Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; Cling to what is good". 

However, what usually happens is the contrary. We choose whom to love. We only hate those which or whom we choose to hate and above all, we cling to not only what is good but also those what feels good for us even if it is not already right.

I wrote in behalf of those who felt this way (because I can truly relate with them.)
This reminder is too complicated for those who harbor anger and resentment on their heart. 
This reminder is a threat to those who enjoys the worldly lifestyle so much.
This reminder is too hard to understand for those who are deprived with love and compassion from their love ones.
We all know that Jesus Christ demonstrated the greatest love of all yet only few among us understand why He did it.
We still choose to commit sin.
We still choose to live the way we want.
We still choose to disobey.

This might not apply to you.
You might obeyed completely what was written on Romans 12:9.
The question now that I would like to challenge you is that: How far can you live this Words? 

Can you still be sincere with your love for those who could possibly hurt you?
Can you hate the worldly opportunities that will benefit you?
Can you keep on living with this Words no matter what circumstances or pressures you might be facing right now?

If you can then teach me how to do it.


Sheri said...

Wow. Just Wow.


Julie Arduini said...

Lovely post and great word.

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