Serving God Sincerely

Last night was a whole new experience in our Lighthouse ministry. We had our Lighthouse but this time it was no longer at Iponan but in Nazareth. We transferred per instruction by Bishop Bong to Junie to assist since the Lighthouse Nazareth has just started.

 Ate Mila gave the exhortation. Creative as she is by nature, she let us choose objects that would suitably describe our personality. Among the options are scissors, handkerchief, medical adhesive strip, paper clip, flash light and eraser. I was the first to pick my choice which is the scissors. She then allow us to explain about our choice. I said that I was inclined to art that is why the first thing that came into my mind was the scissors. Others made a very remarkable explanations too. 

Her message was all about genuine service to God. She shared that before we came to know Jesus Christ, we have this what we call natural ability or natural gifting. By the time we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, those gifting should be maximized well. We should allow God to use us in accordance to the gifting that He gave on us.

I used to decorate for the church. In every youth activities, I was always assigned to man the decoration even big events like Thanksgiving Celebration, Family Camp and Christmas Party I always assist the Committee Chairman on Decoration. However, the demand of my job compelled me to lie low on being part of the committee. I can only assist but not to the extent of manning the decoration anymore. The last time that I did it was during the Mother's Day Celebration last year.

However, last night it occurred to me that I need to go back to that calling. That is my ministry. That is where God will use me. I might be too busy but I should not alienate myself from doing the task for the Lord.

I fear the truth that if I will not use the gifting that God entrusted to me, it will deteriorate, it will become useless in the long run AND I won't allow it to happen...

Lord, please use me again.


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