Think About His L♥ve...

Yes, think about God's love...
His immeasurable love...
The emptiness that we can feel inside, allow Him to fill it up.
I long to immersed myself with His love...
I long to drown myself with His goodness.
I long to bathe my life with all His blessings.
This longing I felt right now, only He can fill.
My God is a great God...
Our God is a Living God.
He can feel what we felt right now...
He is completely aware of our situations.
He knew everything about us.
We can hide nothing from Him.
We cannot run away from Him.
He will forever keep us with His love, blessings and protection.

Yes, think about His love and the great things He has done for us.
Thank you so much Lord for the love, for the comfort, and for the complete healing.

I l♥ve you.