Goodbye Facebook

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One of the most time-consuming websites is the facebook. Most of our productivity skills decreases due to the fact that our eyes and attention were glued to the comments and status updates on our walls. If this is not true to you, then maybe you should be awarded for that.

Anyway, our Campus ICT Director finally realizes the effect of Facebook  as to the productivity of the school workforce. They blocked the access of the said site. Many for sure were disappointed but as for me, it would be quite okay though I can no longer upload my recent pictures.

Hopefully, my colleagues will see the good side instead of complaining about the latest move of the ICT Department.

No facebook during office hours! Oh yeah!

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ProvokedThoughts said...

you can still actually access facebook using blocking would not work.

Melody said...

So true! I almost stopped blogging when I be
came addicted to Facebook. Since I changed career I no longer open my facebook at work..LOL!