The Scavengers

The street along Claro M. Recto  here in our city (Cagayan de Oro City) is always congested with vehicles especially during work off hours. Before, I used to hike in going home. But now, it cannot be done anymore unless necessary because it is not good for my health since I have an Allergic Bronchitis. People who are infected with such should avoid smoke emitted from vehicles as well as from cigarettes and dust. 

If you walk through the said highway and any other highways, you can see many children who unmindfully cross the streets amidst the running vehicles. There might be some casualties but it was not being publicized anymore. There are lots of street kids who were roaming around the city particularly along the streets. They are often referred to as "The Scavengers". Why is it so? Because you can often see them where the garbages are. They are collecing anything that they found to be useful. But mind you, they are accompanied with the old ones too. I am not sure if they are a family. Sometimes also they used to beg alms along the streets. When the traffic light signed the driver to stop, these "scavenger" will knock on the car windows and were asking for money. It is a sad scenario but it is really true. I do not know how the government was able to tolerate them considering that life on the streets is just like a battle against death. 

I knew for a fact that Poverty cannot be eradicated anymore but somehow I believe that the government can do something to address this problem. It was just quite confusing as to whom the responsibility should be delegated. The DSWD might not able to handle it anymore. I guess problems relating to human concern should be given top priority. I know it is easier said than done but at least I am still praying that these people (The Scavengers) will be given a chance to have a life that is way far beyond the hazardous highways- they deserve a better life...

Lastly, hopefully there is another Efren Peñaflorida who has the heart to teach the street kids the basic things that they should learn.